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Describes how individuals can become successful leaders through passion and connection with an interested group, and provides real-life case studies that illustrate this method.

ISBN10 : 9781591842330 , ISBN13 : 1591842336

Page Number : 151


The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller that redefined what it means to be a leader. Since it was first published almost a decade ago, Seth Godin's visionary book has help

ISBN10 : 9781440644504 , ISBN13 : 1440644500

Page Number : 160


In this fascinating book, Seth Godin argues that now, for the first time, everyone has an opportunity to start a movement - to bring together a tribe of like-minded people and do amazing things. There

ISBN10 : 0748129251 , ISBN13 : 9780748129256

Page Number : 144

The Dip

The author of Permission Marketing and Purple Cow shares insights into knowing when to support or fight corporate systems, explaining how to recognize and drop defunct practices to protect profits, jo

ISBN10 : 9781591841661 , ISBN13 : 1591841666

Page Number : 80

The Icarus Deception

In The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin's most inspiring book, he challenges readers to find the courage to treat their work as a form of art Everyone knows that Icarus's father made him wings and told hi

ISBN10 : 067092301X , ISBN13 : 9780670923014

Page Number : 256

Poke The Box

"A one-two punch! Half kick in the ass, half cheerleading encouragement." —Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art If you are happy being just a dreamer, perhaps you don’t need this book. If y

ISBN10 : 0698409000 , ISBN13 : 9780698409002

Page Number : 96


This life-changing manifesto shows how you have the potential to make a huge difference wherever you are. Few authors have had the kind of lasting impact and global reach that Seth Godin has had. In a

ISBN10 : 9781101196311 , ISBN13 : 1101196319

Page Number : 256


Now a New York Times bestseller We have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding--"tribes." This tribal connection has been largely lost in modern society

ISBN10 : 145556639X , ISBN13 : 9781455566396

Page Number : 160

V Is For Vulnerable

V is for Vulnerable by Seth Godin is a full-color ABC book for grown-ups, with a powerful message about doing great work. V is for Vulnerable looks and feels like a classic picture book. But it's not

ISBN10 : 1101624647 , ISBN13 : 9781101624647

Page Number : 64