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Total Forgiveness

R.T. Kendall has given us a treasure…the hope and possibility of experiencing incredible freedom and peace that can only come when we walk in total forgiveness. One of the core messages of the gospe

ISBN10 : 1599798212 , ISBN13 : 9781599798219

Page Number : 224

Totally Forgiving God

We live in a world filled with injustice and evil, and there is nobody on the planet who has not suffered. There are famines and wars, earthquakes and tsunamis, wicked governments, racial prejudices,

ISBN10 : 1616388587 , ISBN13 : 9781616388584

Page Number : 256

God Meant It For Good

British pastor R.T. Kendall analyzes the Old Testament story of Joseph to bring comfort and hope to those who have been misused, falsely accused, humiliated, abandoned, or otherwise afflicted by showi

ISBN10 : 9781878327307 , ISBN13 : 1878327305

Page Number : 204

Did You Think To Pray

Your heavenly Father values you as much as anybody who has ever lived. Think about that! God loves you and wants to talk to you. With prayer, we all have equal access…we are all on level ground. Wha

ISBN10 : 1599799766 , ISBN13 : 9781599799766

Page Number : 224

Thanking God

'What God does for us every day is a thousand times more than what the best of friends and neighbours do for us. 'The question is: are we thankful? That is what this book is about. It is all about lea

ISBN10 : 144472746X , ISBN13 : 9781444727463

Page Number : 192

Controlling The Tongue

The words we speak have power. Often the consequences of our careless words are far reaching and eternal. At one time or another we all have experienced saying something in a moment that takes hours (

ISBN10 : 159979814X , ISBN13 : 9781599798141

Page Number : 224

The Power Of Humility

Written in the same style as his Jealousy—the Sin No One Talks About, Kendall tackles the problem of pride, bringing out into the open the challenges a majority of people face in overcoming the prid

ISBN10 : 1616383488 , ISBN13 : 9781616383480

Page Number : 217

The Anointing

Anointing. While the word has several meanings in the Bible, it always revolves around the idea of the Holy Spirit and His power to change human lives. Each of us has an anointing or a special gift fr

ISBN10 : 1418514454 , ISBN13 : 9781418514457

Page Number : 182