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The Fool Of New York City

Set in present day Manhattan, The Fool of New York City is the tale of two souls who are considered to be "fools" and "idiots" in the eyes of most people they encounter. One is a literal giant, the ot

ISBN10 : 1621640736 , ISBN13 : 9781621640738

Page Number : 280

Father Elijah

Father Elijah, a Holocaust survivor and convert to Catholicism from Judaism, travels through Europe and the Middle East on a papal mission to find a man who may be the Antichrist and induce him to rep

ISBN10 : 9780898706901 , ISBN13 : 0898706904

Page Number : 596

The Father S Tale

"A modern retelling of the parables The Good Shepherd and The Prodigal Son." - Michael O'Brien Canadian bookseller Alex Graham is a middle-age widower whose quiet life is turned upside down when his c

ISBN10 : 1681490099 , ISBN13 : 9781681490090

Page Number : 1076

Island Of The World

Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan was a political prisoner of the Communist regime in Vietnam for thirteen years, nine of which he spent in solitary confinement. His remarkable faith sustained

ISBN10 : 9781586174903 , ISBN13 : 1586174908

Page Number : 839

The Leaves Are Falling

An octogenarian bookseller living alone in London has found a description of his father, as a young doctor in 1920s Breslau, in a story about Weimar Germany. Perhaps his own story might be worth telli

ISBN10 : 1586178946 , ISBN13 : 9781586178949

Page Number : 314

A Cry Of Stone

In this fifth novel in his series, Children of the Last Days, Michael O’Brien explores the true meaning of poverty of spirit. Loosely based on the real lives of a number of native North Americans, A

ISBN10 : 0898709954 , ISBN13 : 9780898709957

Page Number : 853

Do No Harm

A British emergency room doctor saves a woman's life in defiance of her Living Will and is put on trial for interfering with a person's right to die.

ISBN10 : 1586177249 , ISBN13 : 9781586177249

Page Number : 233