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Quirky Quarks

Do you love quantum physics, cosmology, and the humor behind the popular television show The Big Bang Theory? Have you been on the lookout for a fun, non-technical explanation of the science behind th

ISBN10 : 3662495090 , ISBN13 : 9783662495094

Page Number : 319

Looks To Die For

When her prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon husband is falsely accused of murdering an aspiring young actress, celebrity home decorator and mother of three Lacy Fields discovers a latent talent f

ISBN10 : 1416532129 , ISBN13 : 9781416532125

Page Number : 287


The God Particle as it is called, or technically, the Higg''s boson, is discovered in CERNS Large Hadron Collider, in 2012. The next breakthrough comes in 2042, when Quantum Physicists learn how to di

ISBN10 : 1620955644 , ISBN13 : 9781620955642

Page Number : 200

Prime Time

The most scandalous encounters at DCC--cable industry's most respected network--happen behind the cameras as reporters and producers battle for supremacy in work and in love. Original.

ISBN10 : 9781558176676 , ISBN13 : 1558176675

Page Number : 384


Examines the world of otherworldly spectors, the things people believe about them, haunted houses, and related subjects, and explains the science that lurks behind these phenomena.

ISBN10 : 9781894379205 , ISBN13 : 1894379209

Page Number : 40