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Out Of Control

Out of Control chronicles the dawn of a new era in which the machines and systems that drive our economy are so complex and autonomous as to be indistinguishable from living things.

ISBN10 : 078674703X , ISBN13 : 9780786747030

Page Number : 528

Out Of Control

BLAZE Red-hot reads from Temptation! She was no man's wife Being without a man for eight years had left her hungry, but Andrea Wagner was prepared to starve unless she could be in control—on or off

ISBN10 : 1459271092 , ISBN13 : 9781459271098

Page Number : 224

Understanding Cairo

This book moves beyond superficial generalizations about Cairo as a chaotic metropolis in the developing world into an analysis of the ways the city's eighteen million inhabitants have, in the face of

ISBN10 : 1617973882 , ISBN13 : 9781617973888

Page Number : 324

Out Of Control

With cell phones, instant messaging, express lanes, and PDAs, we can now cram more activities into our lives than ever before. But is this a blessing or a curse? Could it be that this fast-paced lifes

ISBN10 : 1418578878 , ISBN13 : 9781418578879

Page Number : 224

Out Of Control

"Happy birthday. Meet your new mother." Suffice it to say, Daisy's childhood had been less than idyllic. It hadn't been easy growing up the daughter of the great Frank Truman—a respected and prolifi

ISBN10 : 1459218698 , ISBN13 : 9781459218697

Page Number : 288

Running Out Of Control

* Shows how our attempt to gain control through technology and interconnected systems actually leaves us more open to threat * Uses a concrete systems-theory approach to explain globalization’s impa

ISBN10 : 1565491513 , ISBN13 : 9781565491519

Page Number : 235

Out Of Control

AGAINST THE FANATICAL ENEMIES OF LIBERTY THEY WERE AMERICAS FIGHTING TICKET.As the race for Metro mayor heats up, the city explodes in a new wave of brutal violence. The radical FLNA has a simple stra

ISBN10 : 1612323022 , ISBN13 : 9781612323022

Page Number : 189