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This text provides a groundbreaking look at sexual instincts and offers a clinical psychologist's and sex therapist's insights and solutions to the challenges of monogamous relationships. * Presents a

ISBN10 : 0313385734 , ISBN13 : 9780313385735

Page Number : 182

Reclaiming Desire

- I'm so busy and tired, how can I find time for sex? - How can I go from mommy one minute to passionate lover the next? - What medicines or natural herbs can I take to improve my libido? At some poin

ISBN10 : 1605294934 , ISBN13 : 9781605294933

Page Number : 336

Sex At Dawn

Since Darwin's day, we've been told that sexual monogamy comes naturally to our species. Mainstream science—as well as religious and cultural institutions—has maintained that men and women evolved

ISBN10 : 0062207946 , ISBN13 : 9780062207944

Page Number : 432

Undoing Monogamy

In Undoing Monogamy Angela Willey offers a radically interdisciplinary exploration of the concept of monogamy in U.S. science and culture, propelled by queer feminist desires for new modes of conceptu

ISBN10 : 0822374218 , ISBN13 : 9780822374213

Page Number : 216

The Sound Of Gravel

An instant New York Times bestseller “A haunting, harrowing testament to survival." — People Magazine “An addictive chronicle of a polygamist community.” — New York Magazine “Unforgettable

ISBN10 : 1250077710 , ISBN13 : 9781250077714

Page Number : 352

Absolutely Should Less

Imagine a day in which you wake up, get out of bed, and go about your daily business without a single "should" getting in the way of how you feel about yourself, your appearance, other people, or the

ISBN10 : 1614484023 , ISBN13 : 9781614484028

Page Number : 148

Sex In College

Experts address key issues—from attitudes and behaviors to harassment and homophobia—related to sexuality among college students. * Contributions from a cross-disciplinary list of distinguished sc

ISBN10 : 0313383839 , ISBN13 : 9780313383830

Page Number : 369