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Heart And Brain

Boasting more than two million pageviews per month, TheAwkwardYeti.com has become a webcomic staple since its creation in 2012. In addition to tons of fan favorites, Heart and Brain contains more than

ISBN10 : 1449474837 , ISBN13 : 9781449474836

Page Number : 144

Adulthood Is A Myth

These casually drawn, perfectly on-point comics by the hugely popular young Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Andersen are for the rest of us. They document the wasting of entire beautiful weekends on the i

ISBN10 : 1449478964 , ISBN13 : 9781449478964

Page Number : 112

Big Mushy Happy Lump

Sarah Andersen's hugely popular, world-famous Sarah's Scribbles comics are for those of us who boast bookstore-ready bodies and Netflix-ready hair, who are always down for all-night reading-in-bed par

ISBN10 : 1449485499 , ISBN13 : 9781449485498

Page Number : 128

Fowl Language

Parenting can be a magical journey full of bliss and wonder . . . if you're on the right meds. For the rest of us, it's another thing altogether. Fowl Language Comics takes an unvarnished look at the

ISBN10 : 1449479901 , ISBN13 : 9781449479909

Page Number : 128

The Awkward Yeti

Now available in paperback! We all have our little behaviors that aren't like everyone else's. Some of us dress a little differently, some of us don't make eye contact very well, but in the end, that'

ISBN10 : 9781481152020 , ISBN13 : 1481152025

Page Number : 36

Zen Pencils

Gavin Aung Than, an Australian graphic designer turned cartoonist, started the weekly Zen Pencils blog in February 2012. He describes his motivation for launching Zen Pencils: "I was working in the bo

ISBN10 : 1449461492 , ISBN13 : 9781449461492

Page Number : 144

Poorly Drawn Lines

A bear flies through space. A hamster suffers a breakdown. Elsewhere, a child marvels at the wonder of nature as worms emerge from the ground and begin looking for vodka. This is the bizarre world of

ISBN10 : 0147515424 , ISBN13 : 9780147515421

Page Number : 208


The wildly popular web comic SOPPY--with more than half a million notes on Tumblr--is the illustrated love story of author Philippa Rice and her real-life boyfriend. True love isn't always about the b

ISBN10 : 1449462219 , ISBN13 : 9781449462215

Page Number : 112