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Fuzzy Nation

Discovering a gem node on a distant planet, contractor Jack Holloway believes he has become a wealthy man before encountering an indigenous race of small, furry, sentient beings who his corporate part

ISBN10 : 9780765367037 , ISBN13 : 0765367033

Page Number : 368

Lock In

A blazingly inventive near-future thriller from the best-selling, Hugo Award-winning John Scalzi. Not too long from today, a new, highly contagious virus makes its way across the globe. Most who get s

ISBN10 : 1466849355 , ISBN13 : 9781466849358

Page Number : 336


Ensign Andrew Dahl has just been assigned to the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union since the year 2456. It's a prestige posting, and Andrew is thrilled all the mor

ISBN10 : 1429963603 , ISBN13 : 9781429963602

Page Number : 320

Agent To The Stars

Hot Hollywood agent Thomas Stein advocates on behalf of the peace-seeking Yherajk race, but finds his considerable negotiating talents challenged by his efforts to win humanity's trust in the ugly, ba

ISBN10 : 9780765357007 , ISBN13 : 0765357003

Page Number : 400

The End Of All Things

Hugo-award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best-selling Old Man's War universe with The End of All Things, the direct sequel to 2013's The Human Division Humans expanded into space...only t

ISBN10 : 1466849428 , ISBN13 : 9781466849426

Page Number : 432

The Human Division

Following the events of The Last Colony, John Scalzi tells the story of the fight to maintain the unity of the human race. The people of Earth now know that the human Colonial Union has kept them igno

ISBN10 : 1466802316 , ISBN13 : 9781466802315

Page Number : 432

Fuzzy Sapiens

H. Beam Piper's sequel to the science fiction classic Little Fuzzy. The small fuzzy species discovered on the planet Zarathustra has been declared sapient, but now that the Fuzzies are protected by la

ISBN10 : 9781101532720 , ISBN13 : 1101532726

Page Number : 220

Little Fuzzy

Little Fuzzy is the name of a 1962 science fiction novel by Henry Beam Piper. It is generally seen as a work of juvenile fiction. It was nominated for the 1963 Hugo Award for Best Novel. The story rev

ISBN10 : 3961894027 , ISBN13 : 9783961894024

Page Number : 135

The Collapsing Empire

“John Scalzi is the most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today.” —Joe Hill, author of The Fireman Our universe is ruled by physics. Faster than light travel is impossible—until t

ISBN10 : 0765388898 , ISBN13 : 9780765388896

Page Number : 336