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Forgotten English

Have you ever sent a message via scandaroon, needed a nimgimmer, or fallen victim to bowelhive? Never heard of these terms? That's because they are a thing of the past. These words are alive and well,

ISBN10 : 0688166369 , ISBN13 : 9780688166366

Page Number : 256

The Word Museum

ENTER A GALLERY OF WIT AND WHIMSY As the largest and most dynamic collection of words ever assembled, the English language continues to expand. But as hundreds of new words are added annually, older o

ISBN10 : 9780743214940 , ISBN13 : 0743214943

Page Number : 240

Ghostly Ruins

"Perhaps eeriest of all are the ghost towns of Bodie, California and Centralia, Pennsylvania, where a trash fire in a nearby mine exploded into an underground inferno in 1962. The fire still blazes to

ISBN10 : 9781568986159 , ISBN13 : 1568986157

Page Number : 224

Altered English

Over the centuries, English words have drifted from their original purposes and acquired vastly different meanings. Consider the word "bad," which today means "great." Or "tryst," now a romantic liais

ISBN10 : 9780764920196 , ISBN13 : 0764920197

Page Number : 240

Seyder Tkhines

The Seyder Tkhines, translated from its original Yiddish by noted tkhines scholar, Devra Kay, and centerpiece of this groundbreaking work, was a standard Yiddish prayer book for women. It first appear

ISBN10 : 9780827607736 , ISBN13 : 0827607733

Page Number : 269

A Calendar Of Wisdom

This is the first-ever English-language edition of the book Leo Tolstoy considered to be his most important contribution to humanity, the work of his life's last years. Widely read in prerevolutionary

ISBN10 : 1439130957 , ISBN13 : 9781439130957

Page Number : 384