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Extra Cheesy Zits

Teenagers are unpredictable creatures. They don’t seem to follow a schedule, observe rules (of the road or basic logic), but every once in a while, they make a surprising amount of sense. Extra Chee

ISBN10 : 1449483895 , ISBN13 : 9781449483890

Page Number : 208

Peace Love Wi Fi

The world of sixteen-year-old Jeremy Duncan revolves around his insatiable "growing boy" appetite, lip-locking with squeeze Sarah, keeping his jerry-rigged vehicle roadworthy, and playing with his ban

ISBN10 : 1449461530 , ISBN13 : 9781449461539

Page Number : 208


Presents a collection of previously published comic strips that confront the issues affecting teens and their families, focusing on the character Pierce.

ISBN10 : 0740777416 , ISBN13 : 9780740777417

Page Number : 128

Jeremy And Mom

Dude! You gotta' buy this for your mom!" -Jeremy Duncan More Jeremy and Mom A popular psychologist says that teenage boys fire their mothers. It's an age when nurturing moms who've spent years cuddlin

ISBN10 : 0740771019 , ISBN13 : 9780740771019

Page Number : 240

Zits Chillax

Zits jumps from the comics page to the bookshelf! Jeremy Duncan, future rock god, is going to his first real rock concert (Gingivitis Rules!) without his parents (hallelujah!) and with a mission in mi

ISBN10 : 9780062228512 , ISBN13 : 006222851X

Page Number : 256

Zits En Concert

In their immensely popular comic strip Zits, Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Jim Borgman and writer Jerry Scott have succeeded in creating one of the most poignant, realistic, and funny portrayals of te

ISBN10 : 9781449430573 , ISBN13 : 1449430570

Page Number : 208