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The Case For Christmas

Who was in the manger that first Christmas morning? Some say he would become a great moral leader. Others, a social critic. Still others view Jesus as a profound philosopher, a rabbi, a feminist, a pr

ISBN10 : 0310858143 , ISBN13 : 9780310858140

Page Number : 96

The Case For Grace

The Case for a Creator explored the scientific evidence for God; The Case for Christ investigated the historical evidence for Jesus; The Case for Faith responded to eight major objections about Christ

ISBN10 : 0310334306 , ISBN13 : 9780310334309

Page Number : 352

The Case For Easter

Did Jesus of Nazareth really rise from the dead? Of the many world religions, only one claims that its founder returned from the grave. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very cornerstone of Chri

ISBN10 : 0310865859 , ISBN13 : 9780310865858

Page Number : 96

The Case For Christ

A former reporter for The Chicago Tribune and former atheist presents a tough-minded investigation of Christian beliefs, interviewing today's scientists, historians, and philosophers to gather compell

ISBN10 : 0310226465 , ISBN13 : 9780310226468

Page Number : 303

The Case For Faith

In his #1 best-seller The Case for Christ, legally trained investigative reporter Lee Strobel examined the claims of Christ, reaching the hard-won verdict that Jesus is God's unique son. But despite t

ISBN10 : 0310565707 , ISBN13 : 9780310565703

Page Number : 304

Surviving Death

“While exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world. Yet they were unavoidably and undeniably real. Despit

ISBN10 : 0553419625 , ISBN13 : 9780553419627

Page Number : 416