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Turn It Up Doris

Doris is a little monster who is so shy and quiet that everyone always asks her to turn the volume up, until the day when her brother is in danger and she has to raise her voice to call for help. On b

ISBN10 : 9781607102748 , ISBN13 : 1607102749

Page Number : 10

Yikes Stinkysaurus

The dinosaurs were scary! Some had big sharp claws. Some had horns and spiky tails, and some had giant jaws! But just wait until you meet STINKYSAURUS. He's the scariest, smelliest dinosaur in all the

ISBN10 : 1408839679 , ISBN13 : 9781408839676

Page Number : 32

Grumpy Gertie

Gertie succeeds in making the sun, flowers, and fish miserable by sharing her grumpy feelings with them, but a cheerful monkey teaches her about the importance of spreading joy instead of grouchiness.

ISBN10 : 9781843652281 , ISBN13 : 1843652285

Page Number : 24

Hello Dudley

Young readers are invited to help a monster choose what to do all day, from eating breakfast to bedtime, in a book which incorporates a hand puppet in every scene. On board pages.

ISBN10 : 9781607102755 , ISBN13 : 1607102757

Page Number : 10

First Day At Bug School

At the bottom of the garden where no one really sees, a secret school is hidden amongst the grass and weeds. Welcome to Bug School! Don't be nervous on your first day – it's lots of fun. Learn creep

ISBN10 : 1408872005 , ISBN13 : 9781408872000

Page Number : 32

Dino Baby

It's not easy being a big sister - especially when your baby brother is a roaring dino-baby! There are just so many "Be gentles," "Be quiets" and "Please shares." But, before long, this big sister gro

ISBN10 : 1408838583 , ISBN13 : 9781408838587

Page Number : 32

You Re Not So Scary Sid

Sid is a monster who fancies himself as a big, scary finger-nibbler, but who isn't quite as scary as he makes out. When faced with a big roar from the reader he quakes with terror and runs home crying

ISBN10 : 9781840117882 , ISBN13 : 1840117885

Page Number : 10

Yucky Mucky Manners

Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winner Sam Lloyd introduces readers to the riotous Yucky Mucky Manners I can't wait to meet the animals, To smile and say hello. Why don't you come and meet them, too? Follow me

ISBN10 : 9781846169472 , ISBN13 : 184616947X

Page Number : 32