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Dr Slump Vol 18

It's a race to the finish line (and not just figuratively!) in the final volume of Dr. Slump! When Taro graduates from high school, he decides to get a job with the Penguin Village Police Department.

ISBN10 : 1421562553 , ISBN13 : 9781421562551

Page Number : 239


In the final volume in the Akira post-apocalyptic saga, Kaneda must stop Tetsuo, the Prime Minister of Neo-Tokyo, and his new ally Akira before their madness engulfs the whole world. Is this Neo-Tokyo

ISBN10 : 9781840233988 , ISBN13 : 1840233982

Page Number : 433

Dragon Ball Z Vol 26

The world's greatest heroes have fallen, absorbed by the ever more powerful Boo, who has slaughtered everyone on the planet. Only Goku remains alive to fight...but even his strength will not be enough

ISBN10 : 1421545721 , ISBN13 : 9781421545721

Page Number : 244

Dragon Ball Z Vol 25

Shorn of his last vestiges of goodness, the djinn Boo is now pure, undiluted evil! With a single wave of his hand he kills six billion people, leaving only the heroes in Kami-sama's sky palace alive..

ISBN10 : 1421545705 , ISBN13 : 9781421545707

Page Number : 239